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Geloni during the years...

Geloni during the years…
On January 1st, 1986, in Guaraci, state of Paraná (Brazil), a dream came out of the paper and got its name and address. Thus Geloni Sorvetes was officially born.

Idealized by brothers Edson and Paulo Pasquini, the small 80 m² company had only two freezers and a machine to make ice cream and popsicles.

And since those early days of existence, a lot has changed! Currently, the factory has almost 4 thousand m², about 100 employees, several high-tech equipment, and an average daily production capacity of 30 thousand liters of ice cream.

Over the years, the brand has become well-known, increased both in physical size and market share, and for almost 40 years has received recognition and many compliments from its consumers.

And even with so many advances, changes, and transformations, some things remain the same, such as the values that permeate the respect and tradition of this highly regarded company!

And to develop this recipe for success were necessary many special ingredients such as: love for ice cream, dedication, serious work, ethical principles, excellence, quality and, of course, a lot of care to delight customers, friends, employees and partners!


Keeping our tradition, we want to promote unforgettable moments and generate affective memories in families through excellent quality ice cream, always prioritizing the nutritional value of our products.


To be recognized for our products and thus increase our performance in the Brazilian market, turning Geloni into a major leader in the segment, contributing to the development of society, generating great business opportunities and strengthening human relationships.


▪️ Innovation and product quality ▪️Excellence in processes. ▪️Economic, social and environmental sustainability. ▪️Respect for diversity of ethnic, religious, gender, etc. ▪️ Encourage to education and knowledge. ▪️ Maintenance of family traditions. ▪️ Valuing human capital.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Aware of its position and primary importance as a supplier of food products, Geloni, in its quest for excellence in quality, is committed to:

Ensure the maintenance of the quality and safety management system.

Ensure the best customer service, raising the level of satisfaction.

Spreading the quality policy throughout all hierarchical levels of the organization.

Promote the training of its employees, always aligned to the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Practice continuous improvement in the quality management system (including improvement in food safety).