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Açaí Geloni

The outstanding flavor of the Amazon, straight to your home!

Tasty, energetic, and healthy, Geloni brings the best of this Amazonian fruit in two versions: cream and popsicle.

For almost 40 years feeding people with happiness!

Since January 1986 Geloni has been producing the ice cream of the best moments! Founded with the objective of sweetening people’s lives, this company is the realization of brothers Edson and Paulo Pasquini’s dream. The years of dedication, care, and professionalism have resulted in recognition, authority, and growth throughout Brazil.

Geloni: a brand in constant expansion!

Geloni: a brand in constant expansion!

We are each day closer to you and your family, in several points of sale spread throughout the states of Paraná and São Paulo.

In all, there are more than 4500 establishments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, bakeries, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

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